Expert Leak Detection Specialist In Prescott & Prescott Valley, AZ

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Leak Detection and Repairs

Expert Leak Detection Specialist in Prescott Valley, AZ

Expert Leak Detection Specialist In Prescott Valley, AZ​

From your first glass of water in the morning to washing the dishes after meals and taking a shower… your home’s plumbing system is there to handle all your water needs.

An average American home uses an average of 400 gallons of water every day, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency. With this figure, the amount of headache you’ll get when your plumbing system leaks is unimaginable.

If not detected and repaired early, water leaks could lead to water damage.

If you noticed any water leaks in your home or you need an expert to regularly inspect your plumbing system, Stellar Plumbing in Prescott Valley, AZ, is here to help you.

Here at Stellar Plumbing, we offer full-service inspection, cleaning, water leak detection, repair, and maintenance of any plumbing-related issues in residential and commercial areas! 

Got a leaking water heater in the middle of the night? No worries, we also do emergency service to inspect, detect, and repair any sort of leaks! 

With our seasoned plumbers and 100% satisfaction guarantee services, we are among the top emergency plumbing companies in Prescott!

Don’t let leaks damage your entire water supply line! Call us anytime you need a water leak detection and repair service!

Signs To Call a Water Leak Detection Company

We know that the last thing home and business owners want to worry about is leaking water lines and damaged plumbing systems. Hesitating to ask help from leak detection specialists will not do you good. 

Here are the signs that you need to a water leak detection:

  • Unusual water spots in landscaped areas or ground surface
  • Green, moldy, soft, or mossy areas
  • Low water pressure
  • Rusty, dirty, or airy water supply
  • Heaving or cracking of paved areas
  • Sound of running water or spinning water meter even when the water is turned off
  • Mildew or any unusual moisture under carpets or flooring
  • A sudden increase in your water bill

Don’t ignore these signs. Make sure to give Stellar Plumbing a call right away to diagnose the problem, install a leak detector, and repair any water damages.

How Leak Detection Works

leaking pipes Repair

Water leak detection and repair is a procedure that uses a leak detection system to locate and repair any leaking components of your plumbing system, including valves, pumps, connectors, compressors, and agitators. 

The water leak detection system will monitor the water flow through a pipeline. 

Once the system detects a leak, it will close the valve to stop the entire household’s water flow.

This way, the water flow can be shut off from every water fixture and appliance while protecting you from any property damage and giving you some time to repair the leak problem.

Water leak detectors are now smarter. Smart home systems can now program a water leak detector and let you customize its settings based on your household’s water usage preferences.

Stellar Plumbing offers high-quality leak detection and repair services within Prescott, AZ. Reach out to us anytime you need an expert helping hand for your plumbing needs!

Water Leaks? Book Our Stellar Services Right Away!

Water leaks don’t only waste your source of water. These leaks will soon drain your time, energy, and wallet if not given proper attention.

If you think your home is suffering from water leakage, call Stellar Plumbing to conduct a leak detection and repair service. We’ll also do water removal and damage clean up if you’re suffering from flooding due to a leak.

You can count on us at any time of the day as our team of plumbing professionals are ready to serve you 24/7!