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Trap Cleaning In Prescott & Prescott Valley, AZ

Trap Cleaning​

Professional P-Trap Cleaning In Prescott, AZ

Comprehensive p-trap cleaning by Prescott’s most-trusted Plumber!

Got food and waste blocking your p-traps? Let Stellar Plumbing do the dirty work for you!  Keeping your p-trap in check will not only prevent blockage in your sewage system but will also save your business money from expensive repairs.  Here at Stellar Plumbing, we offer full-service maintenance, cleaning, and repair of p-traps.  Your business’s safety and convenience is our top priority.  Say goodbye to blockage from waste and by-products in your p-traps!

Full-Service P-Trap Cleaning

P-traps are essential in the daily operations of many homes, large kitchens, restaurants, and other businesses in the food industry. 

Without one, the liquid waste produced daily can clog up the sink, drain, or pipe and back up the sewage system.

Why You Need A Clean P Trap

  • Prevent backups – Waste backups can be unpleasant and costly to deal with. If the p-traps are not cleaned regularly, the waste water builds up and can lead to expensive sewage problems.
  • Prevent sewage problems –  When the trap is backed up, it can block sewer lines and cause extensive damage to your drain and sewer system.
  • Ensure a healthy working environment – If waste water build-up sits too long in the p-trap, it starts to fester. Not only does this produce an awful smell, but it can also cause health problems. 


If you’re a restaurant or food business owner, regular cleaning of your p-traps should be part of your maintenance checks.

P-Trap Cleaning, Repair, and Maintenance

Avoid a clogged sink, overspills, sewage odors, blocked pipes, and hefty fines from the local water authorities! 

Stellar Plumbing is here to assist your business with your trap cleaning needs. 

We’ve been the trusted plumbers providing p-trap cleaning, maintenance, and repair for many commercial kitchens and homes in Prescott, AZ. 

With our 20 years experience, we can guarantee that your business will remain compliant with all grease removal rules and regulations, so your kitchen can run safely and efficiently.

Don’t wait until your sewage systems break and cause damage to your business!

Schedule your service today!

Keep Your Home and Business Safe From Trap Troubles With Our Stellar Services

p-trap cleaning with Stellar Plumbing

Remove messy trap backups and prevent exorbitant repairs for your home, restaurant, or commercial kitchen with complete services from the knowledgeable team at Stellar Plumbing. 

Dealing with a leaky pipe or clogged drains in the middle of the night or during business hours? 

No matter the time of day, we’ll be there at your service! 

We have 24/7 on-call professional plumbers for whatever trap or plumbing assistance you need.