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Does Your Sewer System Need Repair?

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Do you have sewer line issues? 

As a homeowner, it can be frustrating to deal with a sewer line leak or backlog. It can be challenging to identify the underlying cause of your sewage issue in addition to the unpleasant smell and untidy cleanup caused by a damaged sewer pipe.

Knowing how to identify the primary causes of sewage line damage is crucial for helping to either prevent damage from occurring or to help resolve it once it does.

How Sewer Lines Work

Sewage water travels through sewer lines that flush the water and garbage towards local sewers that the local municipality operates and manages. 

Gravity is typically used in sewer systems to transport wastewater to its final destination.

Replacing or repairing a sewer line costs a lot of money depending on the extent of damages.

Therefore, you want to avoid costly sewer replacement by immediately replacing slow drains and investing in drain cleaning for your plumbing system or existing line.

When your sewer lines have extensive damage, full line replacement is a better option irrespective of whether you have clay, cement, or cast iron pipes.

When to Call a Professional Plumber to Repair Your Sewer Line

Professional plumber for Sewer Line Repair Prescott

Knowing the warning signs of a malfunctioning sewer system will enable you to act quickly and call a qualified service specialist, preventing more damage.

You should contact Stellar Plumbing for sewer line repairs when you notice the following:

Draining Difficulties

A blockage in the main sewer line can be found if many draining sites in the house are clogged, even if some blockages are brought on by pipes that directly flow from a shower or faucet.

When air is forced back up the system, unusual gurgling noises from toilets might signal severe clogs.

Foul-smelling or Flooded Yard

A broken sewer pipe might be the cause of your flooded yard.

The depth at which sewer pipes are buried can range from a few inches to six feet, with colder areas necessitating deeper pipes.

A damaged pipe can immediately start to pool water that seeps through the grass and is visible on the surface of sewer lines that are close to the ground.

Given that sewage gas can infiltrate through the soil of your yard, you might be able to smell the sewage before it manifests itself.

Sewer line replacement is crucial in this case.

Water Damage in Your Home

If a drain line in your house breaks or leaks, you might experience water damage.

Mold growth on the walls or flooring is one of the initial symptoms.

This may indicate sewer line damage within the house, in which case you need to call a plumbing company right away.

From basement sewer line replacement to trenchless sewer repair, Stellar Plumbing can handle it all.

Choose a Reputable Plumber

Choose A Reputable Plumber with Us

Apart from our affordable sewer line replacement cost, there are many reasons why you should choose Stellar Plumbing to fix your broken sewer line.

We provide quick and efficient sewer line repair services that can save you from costly repairs and more extensive damage.

Moving forward, our team will help you prevent sewer line damage from happening again.

Therefore, once we repair or install your new sewer line, you will worry less about a pipe bursting or broken pipes for the foreseeable future.

From sewer line installations to repairs and replacements, our professional plumbers can handle it all!

Why Choose Stellar Plumbing For Sewer Line Repair?​

  • We are licensed, insured, and certified plumbers
  • Our team provides a wide range of services
  • Stellar Plumbing has been in the business for over 26 years
  • We are local plumbers who provide 24/7 services in Prescott, Arizona

Are you worried that your sewer lines are destroyed because of tree roots? Have your pipes started to spill sewage that is harmful beneath your property? A broken or leaking sewer line is not something you want to have to deal with.

Don’t put off calling the Stellar Plumbing staff any longer! We quickly and effectively repair cracked, damaged, deformed, and collapsed sewer pipes.

Whether you need to repair existing pipes or completely replace your damaged sewer line, we have you covered! Contact us today at (928) 533-3446 for trustworthy sewer services.