Winterize Hose Bib

As freezing temperatures arrive, people need to make some lifestyle and home adjustments. Many wind up the garden hose and store it until the winter passes. Others grab their hockey sticks or look for the best coats to keep warm. 

However, there’s something else everyone should do: how to properly winterize hose bib! Keep reading below to learn more about this residential plumbing essential!

What Is a Hose Bib?

A hose bib is an outdoor faucet that connects your house to the water system through piping.

Because they are outside the house, hose bibs can easily freeze during cold weather. Therefore, if you don’t take care of them before the season, you’ll likely have to deal with burst pipes the following spring.

What Happens When You Let Your Outdoor Faucets Freeze?

Did you know that many bad things can happen if you let your hose bibs freeze? Just imagine! Most of your outdoor water supply lines will stop working or break. In other words, there could be burst pipes causing leaks and flooding, and you would not even have water in your house.

A frozen hose bib can turn your winter vacation into an overwhelming and stressful period. In the worst cases, it can cause many dangerous situations and damage your house’s structure.

However, you can winterize your home’s hose bibs. Keep reading and find all the information you need!

What Temperature Do Hose Bibs Freeze At?

frozen hose bib

Generally, hose bibs begin to freeze if they are exposed to temperatures below -6C for at least six hours.

However, you can solve this problem by winterizing your outdoor plumbing or getting frost-free hose bibs.

What Is a Frost-free Hose Bib?

Also known as frost-proof exterior bibs, frost-free hose bibs are designed to help homeowners prevent cold damage in winter without having to shut off the water supply to their homes.

Frost-free bibs contain a shut-on/shut-off valve every time you use your faucet. It means it cuts the water supply when the spigot is off, preventing liquid from collecting in the pipes and freezing.

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Can I Winterize Hose Bib by Myself?

If the freezing temperatures catch you by surprise, you can winterize your hose bibs on your own. However, hiring a professional is the best way to go!

Many enthusiastic DIYers go down to the crawl space and try to do the plumbing pipes repairs, but even the most experienced DIYers can make mistakes. Because of this, the right way to winterize your hose bibs is to call a trustworthy exterior plumbing company.

When getting professional advice, you can save time and rest assured that the results are lasting and of quality. Plus, experts can install frost-free hose bibs with a shut-off valve, so you don’t have to worry about frozen pipes anymore.

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How to Know If a Hose Bib Has Already Frozen?

Do you think your supply line may have been impacted by the winter months’ low temperatures? Confirming if a hose bib or spigot has frozen is very easy!

Pay attention to the signs. If there’s no water popping out the outside faucet or an odd smell coming from the pipes, your home’s hose bibs may have frozen or are starting to freeze.

Did you notice that your pipe system froze? Don’t worry! A professional plumbing company can help you find the perfect solution.

Our plumbers at Stellar Plumbing have all the necessary tools to replace your current hose with low-maintenance, froze-proof alternatives that better protect against broken faucets, leaks, and water damage.

Stellar Plumbing genuinely cares for its customers! Therefore, we guarantee top-quality results and offer same-day service to lend a hand if there’s a plumbing emergency!