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Are you looking for a new water heater for your home? Then you need to be careful about choosing a system that wouldn’t only give you hot water, but also allow you to save money and energy!

Your water heater can take up a large percentage of your monthly budget if you don’t think if it’s energy-efficient or not. So, if you’re planning to replace your old one or you’re installing a heater for the first time, you need to consider several factors such as your fuel source, the type of heater you need, and its capacity.

Water Heater Buying Guide

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Whether you don’t want to suffer from unexpected cold showers during the winter season or you only want to reduce electricity bills, carefully choosing the right hot water system in your home is essential.

These are the factors you need to consider when purchasing a new heater:

  1. Identify the fuel source you have in your home.
  2. Choose the type of heater
  3. Determine the capacity and size
  4. Energy-efficiency

Types of Water Heaters

The right type depends on your fuel source, hot water needs, and your efficiency requirements. Here are the different types of water heaters:

1. Conventional Storage Tank Water Heater

Storage tank water heaters are the most common type of water heater system. It has an insulated tank to heat and store water until it’s needed. 

These conventional storage tank water heaters are available in electric, liquid propane, and natural gas tank models.

The storage tank in gas water heaters usually saves more energy and money than electric water heaters. 

2. Tankless Water Heaters

Also known as the on-demand water heaters, tankless water heaters use heating coils to generate hot water when you need it. These types of heaters have a limited flow rate of hot water.

Tankless water heaters are more efficient than the storage type since they don’t store unused hot water. 

3. Heat Pump Water Heater

A heat pump or hybrid water heater captures heat from one place to another instead of heating water directly. They use 60% less energy than other electric water heaters.

4. Solar Water Heater

This type of water heater uses solar energy to enable water heating. It is ideal to use during summer or in warm, sunny regions. However, you’ll need a backup system for it during cloudy days.

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