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A malfunctioning water heater doesn’t seem like a huge problem until you get nothing but an iced cold shower during winter. 

However, things don’t have to reach that point if you’re aware of the telltale signs that your water heater needs a break and fix.

Water heaters are an essential fixture of every American household. Don’t wait until it’s too late to fix it. 

Stellar Plumbing in Prescott Valley, AZ, is here to repair any issues in your water heater

Call us immediately if you see any of these signs that you need an expert water heater repair!

5 Signs To Call a Water Heater Repair In AZ

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Water heaters are repairable as long as you report the problem to a professional early. If the issue or the model is too old to be fixed, you may need to buy a new one and call for a water heater installation instead.

Check out these signs that you need to call for water heater repair services immediately!

1. Irregular Water Temperature

Are there times when your water heater gives you lukewarm or, worse, cold water instead of hot water?

Fluctuating water temperature is a strong indicator that you need a hot water heater repair soon. Addressing this problem earlier is better than replacing it with a new unit later on.

One of the most common reasons behind a fluctuation in water heat is the accumulation of mineral deposits. Mineral deposits may build up over time and cover the heating elements of your system. 

Ask a professional water heater repair service provider right away to come and inspect the issue for you.

2. Water Discoloration

Brownish, rusty, or dark water from your water heater is a huge deal breaker.

There were times when discoloration happens due to high pressure, but if it doesn’t turn colorless after the pressure is even, your water heater might be the problem. 

Ignoring this sign can pose your whole family with numerous health hazards. Call a qualified water heater repair company to clean your hot water tank. If the color doesn’t change, that means your tank is rusty.

3. Water Leaks

Leakage is one of the signs that your heater structure has become weak. This issue may cause more problems if not treated early:

4. Unusual Sounds

It’s natural for your water heater to produce a little noise. However, if you hear some unusual, loud popping, or cracking sounds coming from it, you need to call a repair service provider right away. 

5. Corrosion

A water heater has corrosion if rusts are showing on the outside or if it produces discolored water. 

Chances are high that you need to replace the heat exchanger and other rusty parts. If the unit is too old, you may need to buy a new water heater soon. 

If you see any of these five signs, don’t hesitate to call Stellar Plumbing right away. We are a Prescott Valley, AZ-based plumbing company providing residential, commercial, and emergency services, including water heater repairs, installation, and maintenance. 

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24/7 Hot Water Heater Installation and Repair In Prescott, AZ

Ignoring the damage signs, or worse, leaving them in the hands of an amateur repairman are both risky ways of dealing with a problematic water heating fixture. 

Make sure to contact only those licensed and experienced contractors to guarantee you a safe and hassle-free service. 

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