plumber installing a toilet

Are you building your new house? Or are you renovating your toilet room?

You may be wondering how much it would cost to install a new toilet!

Nobody likes a clogged, leaky, and poorly flushing toilet, and the first step to avoid this is to make sure the toilet bowl is installed correctly.

In this article, we’ll provide an in-depth discussion about toilet installation costs.

Cost to Install a Toilet

According to Homeguide, the average cost of a standard toilet installation is between $122 to $228. Most homeowners spend around $150 to $180.

The cost of toilets can range from $89 to $6,750, depending on the type, brand, and features.

Factors That Affect Toilet Installation Service Cost

The price of toilet installation projects depends on your plumber’s rates and any particular challenges that may arise because of your bathroom layout. 

New toilet cost (by type)

One-piece toilet 

One-piece toilets have a sleek and modern design. They are smaller in size that’s perfect for powder rooms and are easier to clean and install compared with other toilet types.

Cost: between $169 to $1,138

Two-piece toilet

Two-piece toilets are the most popular type of toilet. They have two separate sections- the front and base comprising the one-piece, and the tank on top. 

This toilet type is economically priced, and most consumers are more familiar and comfortable using this instead of trying out other toilets.

Cost: between $89 to $413

Toilet Flush Systems Cost


This type of toilet flushing system is the basic kind most residential homes have. It’s simple, effective, and efficient for indoor plumbing. The contents are simply flushed down the tramway by gravity.

Cost: between $105 to $603

Pressure Assisted

Instead of depending on the force of gravity to flush waste, a pressure-assisted toilet uses compressed air to boost the flushing power. 

Cost: between $345 to $646

Dual Flush Toilet

Dual flush toilets use two buttons or a handle mechanism to flush different amounts of water. You can choose between a half flush for liquids or a full one for solid waste. 

Cost: between $96 to $583

Double Cyclone

A double cyclone flush system combines gravity and centrifugal forces to direct the water through two nozzles instead of through rim holes.

Cost: between $485 to $564

Toilet Removal Cost

On average, a plumber may charge you $30 to $50 to remove an old toilet. 

The total price depends on your location, toilet type, and any plumbing issues associated with the removal.

Drain Pipe Installation Price

Every toilet needs a drain pipe leading to the septic tank. If there are no other installation problems or plumbing issues, this work costs around $1,875 to $3,875.

Moving Existing Toilet Costs

Altering your bathroom floor plan and relocating your toilet to another side or area requires another work too. Most homeowners spend between $2,500 to $3,500 for this process.

In addition, the plumber needs to reroute and cap the old drain pipe, and attach the new one to the main sewer or septic tank line. Costs may run from $624 to $767.

Additional Labor Costs

Oftentimes, you wouldn’t know the full cost to install toilet fixtures until you take a look at your plumbing fixture’s condition.
Certain plumbing issues may arise and may affect your plumber’s price estimates. 

Here are some of the potential additional labor costs you need to be aware of if you’re planning to install a toilet in your home soon:
Unexpected leaks around the toilet or in the pipe
Leaky shut-off valve
A broken or cracked toilet flange
An improper wax ring seal replacement or compression
A leaky flush valve
Poor caulking around the toilet base

Can You DIY Toilet Installation?

Sure, if you have any skills and experience in installing toilets, you can take advantage of it. 
However, as mentioned earlier, additional work may be required if your plumbing system has any issues. You may think you’ve saved money for labor costs but it would actually cost you more to fix the problems later.

If you don’t want or know how to solve any problems in your installation or your plumbing, it’s best to get professional help.

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