signs to call a plumber

Did you know each American home uses about 300 gallons of water per day? 

With that amount of water consumption, leaks and clogs may seem like a common household problem you run into every now and then. 

However, if not dealt with immediately, these simple plumbing problems can turn into potentially serious issues in the long run. 

Don’t prolong your plumbing needs and wait till disaster strikes! Here are the 5 warning signs you should call your local emergency plumber now!  

1. Water Pressure is Low 

Have you noticed a change in your water pressure? 

If your once-powerful water pressure has become weak and slow, you’re due to call your plumber. 

Low water pressure is often caused by mineral deposits and other solids clogging the lines. 

In some cases, they may be related to a leak, broken pipe, or problems with the water heater. 

A plumbing professional will work on cleaning your plumbing fixtures and restoring your water pressure back to normal. 

2. Hearing Gurgling Noises in the Pipes 

Have you heard your bathroom sink, toilet, or shower make a gurgling sound, even if you’re not using it? 

If you answered yes, you may have an underlying plumbing problem that needs immediate fixing! 

This noise is related to drainage issues. Your plumbing system is trying to find air to mix so that the water lines flow correctly. 

The moment you hear gurgling sounds in your pipes, get in touch with a local plumbing company.

If left untreated, it could lead to the backing up of water in your house. 

3. Drainage Systems are Slow 

Have you tried every trick in the book to do a quick fix on your clogged drains to no avail? 

If baking soda, vinegar, and a little plunger action aren’t doing anything to restore your drains, dial your local plumber to do an inspection and perform the necessary plumbing services

The usual clogging suspects, like hair, grease, and roots, can get stuck in your sewage system, causing problems to your septic tanks

Professional plumbers have special tools, such as sewage cameras, that can detect busted pipes and sewage problems.

drain problem call plumber

4. Foul Sewage Swell 

Does your house have a weird sewage smell? You’re probably dealing with a clogged pipe or water backing up. 

These are the common reasons why foul odor can start permeating in your home. Get rid of this nasty plumbing problem right away and talk to your plumber! 

A bad smell from your sewer line might be the first sign of an underlying problem that can cause damage to your property. 

5. Water Heaters Aren’t Working 

Does your water heater produce enough hot water every time you shower? Does the cover of your water heater sweat or weep after use? 

Don’t let these signs slip past you! You know it’s time to call a plumber if you experience repeat problems with your water heater. 

A professional plumbing service will be able to: 

Don’t delay your plumbing repairs any further! Getting professional plumbing services can resolve these concerns quickly and prevent major headaches in the future. 

Got A Plumbing Emergency? Call Your Trusted Prescott Valley Plumber Now! 

If you spot any of these 5 warning signs at home, it’s best to call on the reliable emergency plumbers in Prescott, AZ

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