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Did you know that over a year, American homes waste an average of 131,000 gallons of water annually by using a regular water heater? That is simply because people need to wait for a few minutes to achieve the temperature that they want before taking a shower or doing the dishes. 

As stated by Oak Ridge National Laboratory, a person wastes about 1 to 3 gallons of water in a day just by waiting for hot water to come out of the shower. If you have a bigger family, imagine how much unused water goes down the drain due to a few minutes of waiting for hot water to flow.

Using a hot water recirculating pump in your home can help save you water, and energy too. There are many ways that a recirculating pump can reduce the amount of water wasted in each home, and it also saves you time since it can provide you with instant hot water

What is a Recirculating Pump?

recirculating pump

A recirculating pump is a pump attached to a water heater to provide instant hot water to showers and faucets. This pump uses gravity and mechanical energy to speed up the flow of hot water whilst also pushing down cold water into the boiler. 

How Does a Recirculating Pump Work?

A recirculating pump uses three particular courses of action to provide instant hot water. First, it increases the water pressure from the water heater. Through this, hot water can instantly flow with little or no waiting time.

Secondly, it swiftly returns the unused hot water back into the heater or boiler. So, there would be less resistance to the water pipes and you can get your hot water within seconds.

What Are the Benefits of Recirculating Pumps for Homes?

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Aside from less waiting time to get into the shower or wash your dishes using hot water, these are the major advantages of getting a recirculating pump for your home:

Save Water

A hot water circulation pump can save as much as 10,000 gallons of water per person in a year, according to NDRC. It might not be noticeable, but you can imagine saving a lot of cold water which can also lessen your energy bills in no time. 

Instant Hot Water 

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In a regular home without a recirculating pump, you would have to wait at least a minute or two to get hot water from your faucets. Through a recirculating pump, you can get instant hot water as soon as you turn the faucets on.

Easy and Fast Installation

Homeowners have the option to install the pumps by themselves, and it would take about an hour to finish it. You also have the option to get a professional plumber to make sure that all parts are working properly. You can add a recirculating pump to your existing water heater (called a “Watts”), so you don’t need a major makeover on your home’s plumbing system.

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Runs on Electricity

A recirculating pump is powered by electricity, and it is safer to use than adding gas or propane additions to your existing home piping system.

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How Much Can I Save From Using A Recirculating Pump?

You can save as much as $50 to $100+ per year on your water bills by using a recirculating pump. The initial cost of one hot water recirculating pump cost about $200 to $250, but you can easily get this investment back in just a couple of years. 

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