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What could be more annoying than a leaking faucet spout? The constant dripping sound is unbearable and serves as a constant reminder that you’re wasting water. Understanding how to fix a leaky faucet body you have is crucial.

Keep reading below to learn how to repair a leaky faucet in your home!

5 Tips on How to Repair a Leaky Faucet

how to repair a leaky faucet - faucet cartridge and other parts

To handle your dripping faucet once and for all, follow these tips:

Remove the Cap from the Faucet Handle

The decorative cap from each handle must be removed from the faucet cartridge to have access to the internal parts of the faucet to correct a leak.

Check for a little circle with an “H” for hot or a “C” for cold on the handle’s top after making sure the drain is shut. Lift the cover with a flathead screwdriver to reveal the screw’s head underneath the cartridge faucet.

It’s a good idea to arrange the pieces in the order of removal as you go so that they are prepared for reinstallation in the proper sequence.

Unscrew and Remove the Faucet Handle

Using an appropriate screwdriver, identify the type of screw that is currently holding the handles in place and remove it. Standard flathead screws are typically used; however, a hex set screw is occasionally used to secure the handle. If this is the case, you will need to have a hex screwdriver or hex wrench on hand.

The handles should be simple to remove once these screws have been removed. To help loosen the fittings, consider using penetrating oil if the screws or handles appear to be stuck.

Take Off the Stem Nut

You should be able to view the stem and the stem nut after removing the handles. The stem nut should be carefully loosened and removed using a wrench.

Remember that a wrench with extremely aggressive teeth can harm plumbing components, so think about using a toothless wrench to protect the faucet’s elements.

Pull Out the Stem and Inspect the O-ring

Pull out the stems to expose the O-rings. The O-ring is in charge of stopping leaks from the faucet handles.

While the faucet is dismantled, you might need to replace the O-ring if it seems worn or if you’ve experienced handling leaks.

Remove and Replace the Seat Washer

The seat washer refers to the washer at the base of the stem. To stop the flow of water via the faucet, the handles compress this portion of the faucet. It is the component that is usually to blame for a leaky faucet. 

Before attempting to remove the washer, make sure that no screws are holding it in place. If there is a screw, take it out before removing the seat washer.

Replace the old seat washer with the new one after removing the old one from the faucet. Turn the water supply on to check for any leaks.

Why Does My Faucet Drip After I Turn it Off?

dripping faucet

There could be a few reasons for this; however, the most common is a damaged washer, which often rests against the valve stem.

There are four different types of faucets: ceramic disk, ball type, cartridge type, and compression type. The valve seat of a compression faucet is sealed with rubber washers, which can degrade over time and require replacement. Furthermore, the neoprene or O-ring seal that is the source of the leak with the other three types of faucets needs to be changed.

How Do I Stop a Dripping Faucet?

A little rubber washer that tightens in the valve seat of a compression faucet allows water to be held back in the plumbing system. It works similarly to how a bottle cap fastens to the top of a plastic soda bottle. Tightening this will stop the dripping.

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Can I Fix Leaky Faucets Myself?

We advise contacting our professionals to save you a trip to the hardware store and money. Do you have needle nose pliers? Do you know whether you’re dealing with ceramic disc faucets, ball faucets, or compression faucets? These are things a professional plumber can help with.

Stellar Plumbing’s residential and commercial plumbing services will ensure there’s a solution to your plumbing problems. 

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