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Did you know that an average home in the United States uses about 400 gallons of water each day? 

Now, imagine how much water will be wasted whenever there’s a leak in your plumbing system. 

Fortunately, leak detection technology is now accessible to homeowners to detect water leaks and damages. 

So, how does a leak detector work? What are the things you need to know about leak detection systems?

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Read on to find out more about water leak detection.

How Leak Detection Technology Works

Wondering how plumbers detect leaks? Here’s a quick guide.

A leak detection device is used to detect any leaking components in your water systems, including valves, pumps, connectors, compressors, agitators, and even water heaters. 

The leak detector will monitor the water flow through a pipeline. 

Once it detects a leak, it will close the valve to stop the entire household’s water flow.

This way, the water flow can be shut off from every water fixture and appliance while protecting you from any property damage and giving you some time to repair the leak problem.

Water leak detectors are now smarter. With a smart home leak detection system, homeowners can now program the device and customize its settings based on the household’s water usage and preferences.

What You Need To Know About Smart Leak Detection Systems

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1. Three Dynamic Main Components

Smart water leak detectors can now be controlled using smartphones. While there are different brands, all of them have the same main components:

2. Inter-Connection

Battery-powered leak alarms have been upgraded to internet-connected devices now.  

The interconnected leak alarms can wirelessly send information to you using your home internet modem. Hence, you can receive alerts to any leaks and water damage detected even when you’re not home. 

3. Less Time And Effort

Once the components are properly installed, you can easily set up and monitor the system through a smartphone application. The smart technology makes it possible for homeowners to customize the settings based on their preferences hassle-free.

It is important to note that a leak detection system needs to be installed by a licensed plumber to ensure safety and effectiveness. Call Stellar Plumbing if you need an expert hand for your smart leak detectors at home!

Accuracy of Water Leak Detection Devices

Leak detection systems help homeowners detect and identify water leaks and damages even in the hidden spots of the plumbing system. 

The accuracy is usually high, as long as the system is installed correctly. 

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Water leaks do not only mean water wastage. The leaks can also damage your whole plumbing system.

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