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Cleaning your bathroom drain is something that you probably don’t want to do too often, but it is necessary! Don’t worry, we are helping you find out the best and easiest way to effectively clean your shower drain, sink drain, bathroom sink, and even clogged drains!

Everybody wants to have that sparkling clean bathroom, but you also have to pay attention to what’s beneath your bathroom. Let’s start with all of the things you need to do in cleaning bathroom drain!

Best Tips When Cleaning Bathroom Drain

cleaning bathroom drain

Below are some tips and products that you can use to clean your bathroom sink drain and shower drains effectively

1. Boiling Water

Boiling water can be used to help clear some types of blockages in bathroom drains. The high temperature of the water can help to melt and dissolve materials that may be causing the blockage, such as soap scum or grease. 

It’s important to use caution when pouring boiling water down a drain, as the hot water can damage pipes if they are not properly insulated. 

2. Baking Soda + Vinegar

If the boiling water doesn’t work, you can try using a mixture of vinegar and baking soda to break up the clog in your bathroom sink drains or shower drains. 

This mixture is also great for removing bad odors and cleaning the surfaces in your bathroom. All you need to do is to pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, followed by a cup of vinegar. Let the mixture sit for a few minutes, and then flush with hot water.

3. Dish Soap

If baking soda and vinegar or commercial drain cleaner are not available at your house at the moment, you can try using a liquid dish soap like Dawn to remove grease and clogs. You can pour some boiling water down to your bathroom sink drain, then pour one cup of the liquid dish soap. After that, you can add more boiling water to flush out the clogs.

4. Commercial Drain Cleaner

commercial drain cleaner

If the clog is still present, you can try using commercial drain cleaners to achieve clean bathroom sink drains without so much effort. This cleaner works by making a chemical reaction in the drain pipe usually with hydrochloric acid as an ingredient.

It can also remove tough stains that clog down your sinks, pipes, and drains. Follow the instructions on the drain cleaner or mix the ingredients together and pour them down the drain. Flush with hot water when finished.

Note: Some commercial drain cleaners can be damaging to your pipes and other plumbing components. You may consult with a plumber if the product is advisable to use in your home, and make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on using it.

Tools You Can Use to Clean a Bathroom Sink Drain

Take note of some of the effective tools that you can use to clean your bathroom sink drain and remove stubborn clogs.

Drain Snake

A drain snake can be an effective tool for clearing blockages in bathroom drains. If you have a clogged bathroom drain, you can try using a drain snake to break up or remove the obstruction. 

It’s important to be careful when using a drain snake, as the wire or cable can be very sharp and can damage pipes if not handled properly. If you are not comfortable using a drain snake or if the clog persists after attempting to clear it, it is recommended to seek the assistance of a professional plumber

Wire Hanger

While it is possible to use a wire hanger to try to clear a blockage in a bathroom drain, it may not be the most effective method. Wire hangers are not designed for this purpose and can be difficult to maneuver through the pipes to reach the clog. 

Additionally, the wire can easily become bent or damaged, which can make it less effective at removing the obstruction. You can use this option if you badly need to remove a clog and your professional plumber is still on his way.

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A plunger is a tool that is commonly used to clear blockages in a bathroom sink or shower drain. It consists of a rubber or silicone cup attached to a handle, and it works by creating suction when pressed against a surface. 

It’s important to note that plungers are not effective for all types of blockages. They work best for blockages that are caused by debris, such as hair or soap scum, but may not be as effective for blockages caused by more solid objects. In these cases, it may be necessary to use a different tool, such as a drain snake, to clear the blockage.

Need Professional Advice for Stubborn Clogs?

If you think you need to take those clogs to a professional plumber, Stellar Plumbing is here to help! We can help you get rid of the toughest clogs that have been bothering you as you take your shower and preventing you from having a clean bathroom sink drain. Give us a call today!